C4RJ member police chiefs and other police representatives discuss C4RJ policies and practices (left); C4RJ member police chiefs and other police representatives in front of the Bedford Police Department following a quarterly Police Council in May, 2018 (center); Arlington Police Chief Frederick Ryan and C4RJ Executive Director Erin Freeborn training new volunteers (right).

Ready to Refer

So you have a case you think will make a good referral to C4RJ.

  • Have you mentioned restorative justice to the victim, and is s/he willing to have the matter referred?
  • Has the offender admitted to wrongdoing?
  • Can we be reasonably sure of a safe process?

For a suggested referral checklist, click here.

Some thoughts about police reports

C4RJ treats these as confidential documents. If the department has not already done so, our office redacts any social security numbers and any witnesses or names of people who might have been interviewed during the course of investigation but who won’t be relevant to our process. Our staff summarize the incident reports, including only information relevant to our process, and share only these summaries with the volunteers who will be involved in the case. If offenders or victims request copies of reports, we refer them to your department.

If you think you have an appropriate case, please email (referral@c4rj.org) or fax us (978.318.3442) the incident report and let us know whether there is any other information you think we should have about the parties involved.