C4RJ celebrated its 16th anniversary in 2016 (left); two years later, C4RJ continues to grow and serve more communities (right).


Archived issues of C4RJ's newsletter, The Talking Piece, noting developments at the organization and in the field. 


Annual Report 2022 - C4RJ focused on the strength of restorative justice, growing responsibly and strategically throughout the year with new cases, new volunteers, and new staff members.

Annual Report 2021 - C4RJ made bold strides in 2021 implementing an RJ first model in western MA, bringing on Fellows and continuing to work through the pandemic while creating a strategic vision for the future of C4RJ.

Annual Report 2020 - C4RJ continued to serve more people than previous years, expanding our partnerships in Eastern MA and creating new partnerships in Western MA all while managing our shift toward remote circles, meeting, and all other work during the pandemic. We are grateful for all of the volunteers, partners, donors, and the broader community who supported our work during this challenging year. 

Spring 2020 - The story of a young Boston man's life changed thanks to a C4RJ-led restorative justice process. 

Annual Report 2019 - C4RJ served more people, in more cities and towns, with the help of 24 police partners, 2 DA offices, our growing volunteer corps, and many generous donors in FY19.

Spring 2019 - The restorative justice circle continues to expand, building stronger communities through conversations that transform conflict. 

Annual Report 2018 - C4RJ served more people, in more cities and towns, with the help of more police partners, 2 DA offices, volunteers, and generous donors in FY18. Our most challenging cases involved multiple offenders, juveniles, hate speech offenses, and institutional victims.

Spring 2018 - The restorative justice circle expanded statewide this spring. We note the stepping stones along the way, including legislation, new C4RJ police partners, and acclaim for the restorative justice option in resolving criminal cases.

Annual Report 2017 - C4RJ served more people, in more cities and towns, with the help of more police partners, volunteers, and generous donors in FY17.

Spring 2016 - Welcome to 16 new volunteers, update on C4RJ's strategic planning process, highlights of the spring's activities, and details of C4RJ's "Sweet 16" fall fundraiser.

Fall 2015 - Highlights of a recent legislative hearing on restorative justice in Massachusetts. Update on C4RJ's strategic planning process. Welcome to a new group of volunteers, and farewell and thanks to several departing Board members.

Spring 2015 - A Q&A with C4RJ's new executive director, Erin Freeborn. A victim and offender find another way. Welcome to new Board members.

Fall 2014 - Join us in honoring our many volunteers who do so much for those affected by crime. Check out podcasts regarding restorative justice legislation. See what we're doing in the Malden public schools. Meet our newest staff member, Emily Wheeler.

Spring 2014 - This issue launches with a heart-warming case story, features hail-and-farewells for staff and board, more legislative news (a great briefing on the hill, featuring at right DA Ryan, Chief Bongiorno and Judge Cratsley, ret.), details on our upcoming auction (register to bid or donate an item!) with a fun concluding live auction event, and a volunteer appreciation on June 19th!

Winter 2013 - Our year-end facts-and-figures issue shows how much we can accomplish together. Thanks to all our supporters for helping us offer restorative justice in the region!

Fall 2013 - (The summer was a whirl so we skipped an issue and will catch up with a Winter 2013 Talking Piece before the year is out). This issue covers the free premiere of our new film Finding Courage slated for October 23rd. (Seats are limited so register now for your spot!) We celebrate a legislative hurdle cleared -- a hearing on July 16th.

Spring 2013 - The forsythia are blooming and so is activity here at C4RJ. Share our excitement with a video production project, help rally support for our restorative justice legislative efforts, get ready for our spring auction, "Bidding for Justice", help us welcome a new board member and staffer, and much more.

Fall 2012 - Our year-end facts-and-figures issue shows we have a lot to be thankful for! In this issue, we outline our achivements for 2012 — with two more months to go! -- and we thank all of our supporters who have helped us serve those affected by crime.

Summer 2012
- Read more about the power of our community when folks pitch in on an effort; a preview of our two great November events with Nancy Riestenberg; a review of Howard Zehr's visit; a celebratory hurrah on our spring auction fundraiser; and shout-outs galore to folks who help us accomplish our mission.

Spring 2012 - Featuring a case story in which the victim comes out a winner; volunteer profiles (April is Volunteer Awareness Month); more on Howard Zehr's visit; and how to sign up to bid in C4RJ's auction (May 20-June 3rd, 2012). 

Fall 2011 - Featuring profiles of a many-a-year donor and brand-new donor (Nikki Spencer, at right); welcoming the partnership of Bedford, Stow and a new chief in Carlisle; remembering Brec Saalfield, a dear C4RJ friend and board member who recently passed away; 2011 facts and figures at a glance; and most importantly, how you can help!

Summer 2011 - Featuring a visit by Nigerian luminaries, C4RJ's national-stage appearance, ways that creative repair can take place, how you can help, and more!

Spring 2011 - Featuring "You're Hired!", the story of an offender being hired by a local business after the restorative justice process; an update on our 2010 caseload numbers (still climbing!); and a last push for donations during a match challenge that runs through April 15, 2011.

Fall 2010 - Featuring the profiles of several donors; exciting results from a recidivism study of 10 years of C4RJ cases; how schools are incorporating restorative practices; how you can help; and shout-outs to people who lent a hand to C4RJ in recent months. Extended, web-exclusive articles are below.

Summer 2010 - Featuring an article on C4RJ's growth over ten years; the appearance of the C4RJ model at an international conference in Spain; an article by a newly involved Ayer PD detective; an account by a volunteer on her experience in Canada's Truth and Reconciliation process; how to get your very own C4RJ t-shirt; and shout-outs galore to volunteers and supporters.

Spring 2010 - An expanded 8-page edition! Featuring a review of visits from Dr. Howard Zehr and Inspector Ken Webster; an article from a Facilitator's perspective; a glance at other restorative justice practices in North America; the retirement of Chief Wetherbee (Concord) and the appointment of his successor Chief Neal; the launch of C4RJ's Police Council; welcoming Ayer and Groton to the C4RJ partnership as well as newly trained police, volunteers, and board members; thanks to the Barnes Fund, Butler Foundation, and Cahn Funds for Social Change.

Fall 2009 - Featuring RJ's importance to relationships; Views of Det. Matt Pinard of the Littleton Police; Donor and Foundation appreciation column; announcing adult referrals; News of Our Own; and an article about C4RJ's website launch.