Judge (ret.) Nancy Gertner addressing the audience at C4RJ's 2016 Expanding the Circle Benefit Event (left); C4RJ police representatives, Lieutenant Jones (Bedford), Chief Burks (Hudson), and Chief Bongiorno (Bedford) (center); Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey addressing the audience at C4RJ's 2018 Expanding the Circle Benefit Event (right).

Thank You to Our Donors

Thank you to these generous donors and supporters who contributed to C4RJ during FY19
(July 1, 2018—June 30, 2019):



Anonymous (10)
Jeff and Andrea Adams
Burt Adelman and Lydia Rogers
Jo Anne Albright
William W. Albright
Vicky Alender
Susan Allen
Kenneth D. Anderson and Lynda D. Anderson
Rick and Marilyn Anderson
Mary M. Antes
Barbara and Reed Anthony
Nancy and Neil Arkuss
Robert and Susan Armstrong
Mary Ann and Peter Ashton
Cory Atkins
Susan Avery
Charles and Jean Bagnaschi
Eileen Baird and Ed Sullivan
Ann P. Bambrick
Ron and Alex Banay
Sibylle Barlow
June N. Barnes
Tom and Susan Bates
Carmen and Jim Beaton
Robert Beede
Reinier and Nancy Beeuwkes
David K. Bell
Lisa Bielefeld
Nancy Birchard and Lorne Cooper
Geoff Birmingham and Rachel Jellinek
Stanly E. Black
Thomas E. Black
Timothy Blodgett
Jane Boatright
Kathryn Bonfiglio
John and Johanna Boynton
Mary Allen Bramhall
Richard and Margaret Briggs
Sarah Briones Reppucci
Jane Brown
Bea Brown
Elissa Brown and Alan Schneyer
Elise Browne
Dennis and Kim Burns
Jonathan Byrd
Lucy Caldwell-Stair and Thomas Stair
Jeff and Ellen Campbell
Alan and Janice Carpenter
Stephen and Candace Carr
Paula Casey
Marguerite Chatelier
David and Susan Clark
Bob and Beth Clarke
Barbara Clifford
Gloria and Charles Clough
Jack and Diana Clymer
Judith M. Cole
Peter and Gale Constable
Marcia Cook
Paul Cooke and Ruth Delfiner
Patricia Elen Costello
Sylvia Cowan
John and Holly Cratsley
Nancy Cronin
Sue Curtin
Lawrence Curtiss and Jennifer Masters
Jim Davidian
Carolyn Davies
Mary and John Deyst
Elaine DiCicco
The DiGiovanni Family c/o Jim DiGiovanni
Dan and Ann Donoghue
JJ Durham
Joan Eagan and James Vahey
Al and Jean Easterday
Molly and Jeff Eberle
Tom and Gayane Ebling
Betsy Eldridge
Don and Susan Emmons
Susan Englander
Sarah and Peter Farrow
John and Joan Ferguson
Carol Fernandez
Devra and Paul Feshbach-Meriney
Richard and Barbara Fine
Diana C. Finer
Barry Fitzgerald
Margot Fleischman and Bill Knox
Madeleine Fletcher
Inez Folsom
Anne M. Forbes
Tina Forbes and T.D. Lovering
Ann and John Fossett
Henri Fouda
Bob Fox and Andrea Mintz
Robert and Laura France
Janet H. Franklin
Edmund and Deborah Freeborn
Marjorie Findlay and Geoffrey Freeman
Robert Freund
Helen and Larry Frey
Susan Frey
Pete Funkhouser and Katharine Stout
Mark and Tanya Gailus
Paul and Patty Gannon
Sona and Allen Gevorkian
The Rev. John Gibbons
Carolyn Gold
Robert Goldsmith
Andrew and Patricia Goldstein
Terry and Steve Golson
George and Clarice Gordon
Mary Ann Gore
Virginia and Brian Gourlie
Luisa Granitto and Wendell Smith
Amanda Grant-Rose and Stephen Rose
Beverly Haas
Mary Jo Haggerty
Louise Haldeman
Libby Hanna
Anne Hayden and Ivan Burns
Ruth Hayward
Marge and Norm Heckman
Christopher Heigham
Roy and Helen Herold
Sarah Hindle
Sarah Cannon Holden
Rod and Linda Hossfeld
Peter and Jane Howard
Barbara Howland
Ernie and Ellen Huber
John and Nancy Huggins
Shirley and Charles Hurwitz
Tom and Christine Jacobs
Radha Jalan
Stephen & Carol Jamison
Doug and Jennifer Johnson
Signy and Dusty Johnstone
Suzanne Joris
Morris Kellogg
Lori Kenschaft and Randall Smith
Jonathan Keyes
Jen and Joe Kidder
Rachel and Dave King
Paulina Knibbe
Tim and Darcy Kofol
Judy Kronwasser
Michael A. Krupka
Libby Kurten and Viktor Vejins
Karl and Sarah Kussin
Nancy E. Kuziemski
David and Joyce Lamensdorf
Adriaan Lanni
Jennifer and Greg Larson Sawin
William A. Lawrence II
Kathryn Angell and Dutch Leonard
Jerome Lerman
Lois Levin
Persis B. Levy
Sherry Litwack
Phil and Nancy Lotane
Janet Lovejoy
Samuel Lovett
Jay and Carolynn Luby
Pamela W. Lynn and Jon Benson
Andrew D. Magee
Gregory Maguire
Keith J. Man and Polly Jenkins Man
David and Janet Mannheim
Allen Marshall and Anne E. Bickford
Caroline McCloy
Erin McCormack
Mrs. Joan McDade
Jennifer McDonald
Emily McDowell
Bob McGowan and Robin Talkowski
Nancy McJennett and John Nevison
Thomas McKean
Carol Meenan
Janet and Bob Mendelsohn
Carl and Carol Miller
Ken and Dorcas Miller
Nicholas Miller
Michael Moran
Robert and Elizabeth Morrison
Erica Morrison
Charlotte Mortensen
Debby and Nick Mozzicato
Meg Newhouse
Cynthia Nock
Hope T. Noe
Elizabeth K. Oakes
John and Sarah Paino
Wayne and Carole Parrish
Colin and Pam Pease
Al and Sandy Peirce
Jane and Ted Peluso
John and Cheryl Petersen
Deborah Peterson
Carmel and Victor Poirier
Thomas and Izola Porter
Jean Pratt
John Putnam and Marcia Powell
Anne Quaadgras
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quanrud
Jonathan and Jacquelyn Quint
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rarich
Carmin Reiss and Eric Green
Lloyd and Lisa Resnick
Catherine Reuben
Stephen Revilak and Julie Roux
Fontaine K. Richardson
Peter Robinson
Barbara Robinson
Mark E. Robinson
Ruth Rohde
Julie Rohwein and Jonathan Aibel
Harold E. Roman
Eugene Rork
Alice Rosen
Michael and Naomi Rosenfeld
Lauren and George Morton
Terry and Kitsy Rothermel
Hope and Steve Rubin
Jane Wells and Tom Sadtler
Alex and Laura Saltonstall
James and Bridget Saltonstall
Sara and Michael Schnitzer
Gary and Kathie Schwarting
Cynthia S. D. Schweppe
Judy and Jack Scotnicki
Nancy Settle-Murphy
Mary Seymour
Ralph and Kai Shaner
Benson and Norma Shapiro
Martha Shapland
Sarah A. Sharpe
Gordon H. Shaw
Deidre Sheedy and Leonard Haley
Andrea and Sergio Siani
Darien N. Smith
Claire Sokoloff and Robert Gifford
Edward H. Sonn
John and Karen Sonner
Laura Y. Spear
Charmian Sperling
The Rev. Burns Stanfield
Debra Stark
Mary Steele
Carolyn and Eric Stein
John Stevens and Virginia McIntyre
Martha and Robert Supnik
Elizabeth N. Suter
Tucker Swan
James V. Tabner
James and Judith Terry
Linda Thorne
Richard Thornton
John and Cathy Tilney
Tom and Charity Tremblay
Jack Troast and Regina Walsh Troast
Laura Unflat
Ellen Valade
Alice and Fred Van Deusen
Philip and Mary-Wren vanderWilden
Lora and David Venesy
The Verrills
Paula Von Kleydorff and Donna Fitzsimmons
Adelaide Walton
Dexter and Julia Wang
Jerry and Carole Wedge
Sandy Crawford and Mark Weltner
Len and Anne Wetherbee
Barbara C. Wheeler
Emily Wheeler
Susan K. Wheeler
Alan and Lois Whitney
Jeffrey Wieand and Janet Silver
Michael and Amy Wiklund
Sara W. Wilbur
The Hon. and Mrs. Herbert Wilkins
Charles and Mary Sue Willie
Claire Willis
Elizabeth H. Wilson
David and Heather Wilson
Charles Wilson and Lydia Gregoret
Rebecca Winborn
Abigail Wine and Lance Ramshaw
Russell Wolf and Martha Gilpatrick
Elizabeth Wood
George and Chandler Woodland
Dennis Wrona
Mary Jane and Bernie Wuensch
Christopher and Debra Wysopal
Julie and Andrew Zacharakis
Miriam and David Zarchan


Gifts in Memory of Richard Marcus

Dayle Ankrom
Adam Baumwoll
Caroline J. Bays
Ashley Bentley
Sallye Bleiberg
Aimee and Carrie Bonacorsi
Daniel and Wanda Boorky
William Brownsberger
Kelly Burgess
Katherine Button
Jane Calhoun
Betsy and Paul Champagne
William C. Clark
Rita Colafella
Megan Corrigan
Sara Dion
Sarah Emond
Susan Falkoff
Maury Falkoff
Susan M. Flint
Karen Freitas
Robin and Ivo Garcia
Wendy Gulley
Gregory W Haggard
Terese Hammerle
Anne H. Hammett
Nathaniel Harrison
Mr. Jonathan Hecht and Ms. Lora Sabin
Andrea K Helton
Monroe Heyman
Eileen Hsu-Balzer
Jane and Randall Imai
Janet C. Jameson
Eithne Johnson
Laurie Kahn
Laurie Katz
Liza Ketchum and John Straus
Alice E. Kidder
Susan and John Kirk
Jeffrey Krasner
David Leon
Michael Lepera
Margaret Levin
Julie Levy
Andrew C. Lipsett
John and Anne Loosigian
Okan Okutgen
Linda Ovoian
Steve Owens
Lise Paul
Penelope Peoples
David Prothero
Larry Raskin
Paisley Rojagato
Maria Saiz
Karen and Edward Santella
Mike Schade
Renee and David Scott
Stacie Shapiro
Norma Shulman
Ann Spitzer
Warren Tolman
Bryant and Claudette Walworth
Toyota of Watertown


Gifts in Honor of

Acton Police Academy
Guy P. and Teresa E. DiGiovanni
Erin V. Freeborn
Rebecca Neale
Mark & Clare Robinson
Lauren Rosenzweig-Morton
Fred Ryan
Bridget Saltonstall
Anne-Marie Slaughter, Andy Moravosik & family
Sharon Weisner
Emily Wheeler
Andy Wiggin



Acton-Boxborough United Way
Borghesani Community Foundation
Concord-Carlisle Community Chest
Osterman Family Foundation
Stow Community Chest
Sudbury Foundation
Trinitarian Congregational Church Concord


Faith groups, Organizations, Businesses

Pax Christi Massachusetts
West Concord Union Church
Committee to Elect Jamie Eldridge
United Woman's Club of Concord
Acton Coffee House
NorthBridge Insurance Agency
Ronald A. Riesz, Dispensing Optician
Schools for Children Inc.
Simply Khmer
Walter Fey CPA PC