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Expanding The Circle

Deepening our Roots A Week Long Celebration of Restorative Justice

Because of the pandemic, we canceled our 20th anniversary event.
We were counting on this event to raise 30% of our budget this year. 


To honor C4RJ's 20+ years of offering
a personal and powerful complement
to the criminal justice system,
please consider sponsoring and joining us for this
virtual no-attendance-required event! 

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C4RJ is Virtual!

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to adapt.

Starting in March 2020, C4RJ moved online.
We have been able to continue to provide
restorative processes throughout the pandemic.
Working within the virtual world, our volunteers
and communities have had to be  
creative and innovative.

Until we can go back to in person circles,
we're going to keep up our work online!

Recent Police Council Meeting

Respect, Responsibility, and a Path Forward

C4RJ listens to victims, holds offenders accountable, and restores trust in communities.

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